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I've lived in Oklahoma all my life and have been looking forward to a sports franchise to move here. Welcome home Thunder!!!

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john howard
Tuesday 16th June 2009, 5:50am
The Thunder have taken the right stops to head in the right direction.

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Miami Destroys Rival Magic posted on 10/30/2010

Miami destroys rival Orlando.   The Magic shot a horrible 30% as D-Wade lead the Heat with 26.   Miami's bench had 7 3's and Haslem had 11 rebounds.

 Last night was a scarry indicator to the rest of the league how it may be this year.  Miami crushed the Magic 96 to 70.  Wade was the only player who scored over 20 points.  And, to top it off, the Heat still aren't playing with Mike Miller. 

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Thunder Go Green on Pistons posted on 10/30/2010

With 7 seconds left who would you go to?  Kevin Durant no doubt.  If not, the blazing quick Westbrook.  Last night, the Pistons took both those options away, leaving Jeff Green one on one with Maxiell.  Green layed it up.  Oklahoma City took a one point lead with 2.5 seconds left.  What was more impressive is what Westbrook did next.  No one talked about it.  There was no post game interview, but Westbrook did something that every high school coach dreams of.  He turned his the dribbler not once, but twice in 2.5 seconds.  Ben Gordon got the ball on the in bounds and Westbrook forced him to change directions twice.   Every time you turn your defender, the defense has many advantages.  One, you can double team with his back turned. Two, as in this case, they don't make much progress up the floor.  And, three, it eats up clock.  He may be the best defensive point guard in the league.

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Oklahoma City Thunder run with the Bulls posted on 10/27/2010

The Thunder open the season with a victory over the Chicago Bulls.  The defensive pressure led by Thabo Sefaloosha was too much for the Derrick Rose and the Bulls.  He had 4 blocks and 2 steals.

Russell Westbrook is on the fast track to becoming a premier player in this league.  He got to the free throw line 13 times, had 10 rebounds, 28 points, and only 3 turn overs.   Talk about production at the point, Eric Maynor came off the bench and added ten points with perfect shooting.  38 points from the pg and only 3 turnovers is incredibl.e

 Kevin Durant landed on his tailbone in the 3rd qtr but appeared to be ok when he returned.  He didn't shoot it great, but led all scorers with 30 points and added 7 rebounds.

Jeff Green, as usual, did a little bit of everything and was the Thunder's 3rd scorer over twenty with 21.  Serge Ibaka had 8 points and 9 rebounds. 

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Detroit Pistons not your bad boys anymore... posted on 10/16/2010

The once proud NBA champions, Detroit Pistons have a new look.  Its a UConn look.  Three players figure to be the center pieces are all from UConn, Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon, and Charlie Villanueva.

 This team definately has talent, but where can it take them.  For the first time in possibly ever, Detroit is a wild card.  An unkown.  Arguably the team's three best players all play the same spot, sg.  Hamilton, Gordan, and Tracy McGrady.  McGrady is big enough to play a lot of small forward, so they might make it work.   Here is a break down:

 PG Rodney Stuckey--has gotten better each season, but not a 82 game starter.  This really hurts.  Will Bynum may get up to half the minutes here.  Niether play is a great option, but it's what they have.

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Bulls to return to glory days. posted on 07/10/2010

The face of the Chicago Bulls has drastically changed in recent years.  But, apparently for the better.  Here is a quick run down of who they have under contract and how they stack up in the East.

PG Derrick Rose is as good as they get.  He could emerge as the top point guard in the league this year.

SG Kyle Korver.  A sharpshooter that can spread the floor.

SF Luol Deng.  He can do a little bit of everything well.  A really good third option to have on the floor.

PF Carlos Boozer.  The Bulls may have the best pick and roll pair in the league. 

C Jakim Noah.   Heart, sole, passion, hustle.

Taj Gibson helps form a rotation in the post.  The Bulls have signed JJ Reddick to an offer sheet and Orlando can match it.  They still need help. As of now there are no other guards or bigs on the roster.  But, this is a solid starting 5.  They are a year or two away from acquiring the pieces to challenge to tops.  Orlando, Miami, and Boston should be the top 3.  Atlanta should also be 3rd or 4th.  But, Chicago may over take them.  A second round playoff appearance would be a very successful season.

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