Advantage Celtics

May 31, 2010

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john howard

Advantage Celtics

This is going to be a classic series.  The Lakers have 2 things that clearly give them the edge:  1) Home court advantage and, 2) Kobe Bryant.

But, the Celtics have a lot of things going for them.

First the matchups.  The Lakers have caused problems with how big they can get.  They start 2 7 footers and that isn't going to be a problem for the Celtics.  Perkins can guard Bynum and Bynum's mobility is really limited.  Garnett can guard Gasol.  The Celtics can bring in Odom, which normally causes matchup problems for their opponents, but Garnett can guard him too.  Big Baby Davis is a high energy player that can compete with anyone inside.  Normally I'd say this is a draw, but with Bynum being hurt, the advantage goes to Boston.

The Lakers have Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher.  The Celtics have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rojan Rondo.  This is classic.  It all comes down to how great Kobe plays.  Artest guarding Pierce and vice versa is a fun matchup. Pierce has the skills, experience and strenght to combat Artest.  Kobe starts out on Allen.  That favors Kobe.  But then, Fisher against Rondo is a huge, huge plus for Boston.  The Lakers really got burned with OKC's Westbrook, and Utah's Williams.  However, they kept Nash in check for the most part.  The reason is the Lakers can't guard fast, athletic point guards.

The Lakers backups Brown and Farmar can't guard them either.  The only way the Lakers backups are of any benefit is if they keep hitting the 3's like they have been.  To slow the opponent down, they must put Kobe on the PG.  But, that causes a huge problem in this series because who will guard Ray Allen?  The Celtics have a better bench with Tony Allen, Michael Finley, and Nate Robinson.  Tony Allen did a very good job on LeBron and will be a big factor on how he guards Bryant. 

This is going to be a fun series.  The Celtics as a whole are better and have better matchups.  But the Lakers have an extra game at home and Kobe Bryant.  It's all on his shoulders.  This is the classic series of Celtics vs Lakers.

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